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Sarkozy warns France: Vote for me or end up like Spain
法國總統薩科茲警告:選我 不然下場就和西班牙一樣

French President Nicolas Sarkozy takes part in the TV show “Le Grand Journal” in Paris on Tuesday.
法國總統尼可拉‧薩科茲週二於巴黎上電視節目「Le Grand Journal」。

Photo: AFP

Nicolas Sarkozy warned French voters last Thursday they should re-elect him as president to pursue his cost-cutting plans or face the kind of debt crises that have gripped Greece and Spain.

Sarkozy said France faced a “historic choice” between his austerity measures or a disastrous return to uncontrolled spending.

“Certain countries in Europe are today on the edge of a precipice,” he warned, promising that under his continued leadership France could rediscover “competitiveness, innovation, investment, reduced spending.”

Spain’s budget minister admitted this week that Madrid is in a “critical situation” as government debt and unemployment surge higher — mirroring the problems that led Greece to seek an EU and IMF bailout last year.

Polls put the frontrunners neck-and-neck in the first round, but forecast Hollande will win the May 6 run-off, ending the Socialists’ 17-year losing streak.

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1. austerity n.

緊縮 (jin3 suo1)

例: Many Portuguese believe that the austerity measures will eventually lead to recovery.


2. precipice n.

處境危急的邊緣 (chu3 jing4 wei2 ji2 de5 bian1 yuan2)

例: How does a racially divided society step back from the precipice of racism to unite as a nation?


3. mirror v.

反映 (fan3 ying45)

例: His own views mirrored those of his followers.


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