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British pub introduces beer for dogs

A dog drinks water after training at the Police Canine Unit in Medellin, Colombia, on March 29.

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They are often referred to as man’s best friend and considered to be extremely loyal to their owners, and now it appears there is no excuse for dogs to be left behind when their owners head for the pub in one part of northeast England. That is because the Brandling Villa in South Gosforth, Newcastle, has come up with a pet-friendly menu.

The pub is now selling a special beer designed for dogs so that drinkers’ four-legged friends can also enjoy a tipple at the same time.

The pub aims to remain traditional but with a modern twist, which includes welcoming dog owners with their pets to enjoy the atmosphere. But rather than just offering water, the pub decided dogs should join the craft beer revolution too and has started to sell the non-alcoholic beverage for pets.

It is made with beer ingredients of malt and hops, but also includes meat extract. Dogs seem to have a thirst for the drink as the Brandling Villa has had to reorder fresh stock after the first 48 bottles ran out in a fortnight.

(Liberty Times)


現在牠們的主人前往英國東北部的一處酒吧時,沒理由再丟下狗狗了,因為英國新堡南戈斯福斯的酒吧Brandling Villa推出了適合狗狗的菜單。



這種飲料以啤酒原料麥芽和啤酒花製成,但也內含肉類萃取物。狗狗似乎還滿喜歡這種飲料的,因為第一批四十八瓶在兩週內賣光,Brandling Villa還得重新訂貨。



1. tipple n.

啜飲 (chuo4 yin3)

例: My friends and I enjoyed a tipple at a bar nearby.


2. thirst n.

渴望 (ke3 wang4)

例: He’s always had a thirst for adventure.


3. run out v. phr.

用完 (yong4 wan2)

例: I’ve run out of patience.


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