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A : Overall we are quite pleased with your company’s products, but the people in accounting have big issues with the price.

B : The price is definitely reasonable according to the current market.

A : If you can’t lower it, we may not be able to accept the bid.

B : I’m afraid this is already as low as we can go, but I can talk to my company to see if we can offer anything else.

A : 你們公司的產品大致上我們都很滿意,但財務卻對價錢有意見。

B : 我相信目前市場看來,這個價格已經是最合理的了。

A : 若無法再壓低價錢,可能無法成交。

B : 恐怕這已經是最低價格。不過我可以和公司商量,是否有其他優惠方案。

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