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New Israeli law bans underweight models in ads

Models take to the catwalk wearing creations designed by Park Jong-Chul during the 2012/2013 Fall/Winter Seoul Fashion Week in Seoul, South Korea on Monday.
模特兒週一在南韓首爾舉辦的二○一二與二○一三秋冬首爾時尚週,身穿設計師Park Jong-Chul所設計的服飾走在伸展台上。

Photo: EPA

A new Israeli law bans showing overly thin models in local advertising in an attempt to fight the spread of eating disorders. It also requires publications to disclose when they use altered images of models to make the women and men appear even thinner than they really are.

The law appears to be the first attempt by a government to use legislation to take on a fashion industry accused of abetting eating disorders by idealizing extreme thinness. It could become an example for other countries grappling with the spread of anorexia and bulimia.

In Israel, about two percent of all girls between 14 and 18 have severe eating disorders, a rate similar to other developed countries.

Any advertisement published for the Israeli market must also have a clearly written notice disclosing if the model shown in it was digitally altered to make them look thinner. The law will not apply to foreign publications sold in Israel.

Other governments have taken steps to prevent “size zero” medical problems but have shied away from legislation. Critics said the legislation should have focused on health, not weight, saying many models were naturally very thin.









1. abet v.

煽動;教唆 (shan1 dong4; jiao4 suo1)

例: He was not guilty of murder, but guilty of aiding and abetting others.


2. grapple with v. phr.

努力克服 (nu3 li4 ke4 fu2)

例: Other towns are still grappling with the problem.


3. shy away v. phr.

迴避;逃避 (hui2 bi4; tao2 bi4)

例: Don’t shy away from saying what you think.


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