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Taiwan Bangzi Company & Voices of Spring Symphony Orchestra adapt Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure
春之聲管弦樂團伴奏 豫劇團唱莎翁戲

Bangzi opera diva Wang Hai-ling, right, and Chu Hai-shan pose for a photograph in Chiayi County on Nov. 28 last year.

Photo: Ting Wei-chieh, Liberty Times

Is it possible that a traditional art form will converge with the works of Shakespeare? Taiwan Bangzi Company is now promoting its biggest performance of the year, which is the second of its two adaptations of Shakespeare’s works. Measure for Measure follows their previous performance of Yue / Shu, which was an adaptation of the Merchant of Venice. This time they are once again fusing the work of Shakespeare with traditional Chinese drama. Placing the utmost importance on Shakespeare’s language, they are combining it with the elegant singing style of bangzi opera, which is also called Henan or Yu opera because it originated in China’s Henan Province. Interestingly, this performance will be the first time Taiwan Bangzi Company collaborates with the Voices of Spring Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Chen Yung-ching says it will be an intriguing challenge using a classical music accompaniment.

Shakespeare completed the play Measure for Measure in 1604. The play is full of accidents and mishaps, as well as a happy ending for all concerned. Although historically classified as a comedy, the plot deals with the complex issues of ethics, justice, and desire. The play does not lend itself to classification and is very profound. Bangzi opera diva Wang Hai-ling will play the King of Nanping, while Hsiao Yang-ling will play the beautiful and clever Mu Jung-Ching and Liu Chien-hua the mercurial An Chi-le, a man in a state of psychological flux. The piece will be performed at the National Theater on June 8.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)



1. plot n.

情節 (qing2 jie2)

例: The plot was really hard to follow, so I had to watch the movie twice.


2. ethics n.

倫理 (lun2 li3)

例: An ethics committee has been formed to investigate the matter.


3. desire n.

欲望 (yu4 wang4)

例: Desire is not always logical.


莎士比亞在一六0四年完成劇作《Measure for Measure》,這齣戲有陰錯陽差的巧合,也有皆大歡喜的結局,歷來總被歸類為喜劇但是劇中有關倫理、法律、欲望的情節錯綜複雜,已經超過表面嬉笑怒罵的向度,深度頗高。該劇將由豫劇皇后王海玲飾演南平王,蕭揚玲飾演美貌機智的慕容青、劉建華將挑戰詮釋劇中心理轉折多變的安其樂。該劇將於六月八日起在台北國家劇院演出。


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