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Hsinchu pub features live music and discounts for using English
新竹 Titty Tea 推出現場演出 英文點餐享優惠

The facade of Titty Tea last Saturday night.
這張上週六夜晚拍攝的照片,是Titty Tea的正門。

Photo: Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times

Finding a trendy pub in a tranquil upper class residential area near Taiwan High Speed Rail’s Hsinchu Station is no longer such a tall order. Located in Hsinchu County’s Jhubei City, Titty Tea, a unique American-style pub with a quaint rhyming name, has been catering to the palates of people from different walks of life for over a year now. Titty Tea’s laid-back atmosphere, homemade meals, wide variety of beverages, impressive selection of Austrian craft beers — difficult to find elsewhere in the city — and live music every Saturday certainly make it a perfect place for people to hang out. On top of all this, they offer a 10 percent discount if you order food and drink in English, a gimmick that has proved very successful among foreigners and Taiwanese alike. It doesn’t matter how good your English is, the point is to immerse yourself in a special English-speaking environment.

Titty Tea owner Shawn Sonnenberg, a US native married to a Taiwanese, told the Taipei Times on Wednesday that “My wife Amanda (Chang Jung-jung), a Jhubei native, had always wanted to open a coffee and tea shop. So it was her idea that gave birth to Titty Tea.” Titty is actually the name of the couple’s dog, and customers, if lucky, may see Titty in Titty Tea’s office on the second floor. Amanda is a charming young lady with a warm smile and welcoming “hello” for anyone who walks into the store, with its 25-seat capacity and soft lighting, dark wood furniture, and warm decor all adding to the relaxed ambience. Given that many engineers at Hsinchu Science Park live in Jhubei City, many of Titty Tea’s customers are engineers, but there are also a good number of English teachers, according to Shawn. Many students spend their evenings and weekends at Titty Tea, too, to practice their conversational English. Other than immersing themselves in an English-speaking environment at Titty Tea, netizens can also learn a new English word and its usage every day by following Titty Tea on Facebook.

Live music is another feature, showing Shawn and Amanda’s zeal for their shop. There are about 10 local musicians taking it in turns to give live performances every Saturday night, says Shawn. They include Taiwanese jazz guitarist Hope Yeh, Canadian singer-songwriter Pauline Edwards, Blue Grass country guitarist Van Stokes, and South African Classic Rock guitarist Mark Duncan-Brown. Stokes and Duncan-Brown will perform at Titty Tea tonight starting 8:30pm; and Edwards and Yeh will give a performance, starting at the same time, next Saturday. If the weather is nice, said Shawn, Titty Tea sometimes sees more than a hundred customers gathering both inside and outside the shop. Unlike pubs with DJs that are loud and quite common in the city, Titty Tea hosts relatively lighter music so that people can talk to one another while appreciating an eclectic blend of music. The weather looks promising today, so why not check Titty Tea out.


想在高鐵新竹站周邊僻靜的高級住宅區中,找一間有具有時尚風格的酒吧,不再是太難的事。坐落在新竹縣竹北市具獨到美國風並有著可愛押韻名稱的酒吧Titty Tea,一年多前就開始提供餐飲,迎合各行各業人們的味蕾。店內輕鬆氣氛、自製美食、琳瑯滿目的飲料選擇、新竹少見種類多樣的奧地利啤酒,以及每週六的現場音樂演奏,讓Titty Tea成為一個可以恣意逗留的好去處。此外,店內還推出「凡用英文點餐即享九折優待」的好康,光此一賣點,就吸引許多不管是否會說英語的外國人與台灣人光顧,以沉浸在一個特別的英語環境中。

Titty Tea男主人尚恩‧松嫩堡是位美國人也是台灣女婿,他週三向《台北時報》表示:「我妻子亞曼達(張容榕)是竹北人,她一心想要開一間餐飲店,所以Titty Tea是為她而開的。」Titty其實是這對店主人的愛犬,若運氣好,顧客有時可看到牠在Titty Tea二樓的辦公室。亞曼達是位親切的年輕女士,顧客一進到有二十五個座位的店內,即可感受到她微笑與招呼的溫暖。店內柔和燈光、深色木製桌椅,以及暖色調裝潢,營造一股放鬆氛圍。因為許多竹科人住在竹北,所以尚恩表示,店內常有竹科工程師造訪,也有許多來台教英語的外籍老師光顧。他並說,傍晚與週末也可見學生來店裡,順便練習英語會話。除了置身Titty Tea的英語環境中,網民也可以上Titty Tea臉書,閱讀該店推出的每日一英文單字與例句教學。

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