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Kids watch TV more than reading books on weekends
中小學生假日愛看電視 甚於閱讀

Students read books at a library in Hsinchu County on March 5.

Photo: Hung Mei-hsiu, Liberty Times

When elementary and junior high school children are not in school on the weekends, what are they doing? The results of a recent survey by the Hsinchu County Government show that fourth graders are (in order of most frequent to least frequent), exercising, watching TV, doing house chores, doing homework, and reading extracurricular books, while eighth graders are watching TV, surfing the Internet, playing outside, doing homework, and reading extracurricular books.

Education officials said this survey shows that, for both fourth and eighth graders, doing homework and reading extracurricular books are less important than watching TV, adding that schools and teachers should be aware of this and that parents should pay attention to how much time their children are spending in front of the television. They also called on parents to set aside time to read together with their children.

To gain a better understanding of students’ reading habits in Hsinchu, the county government invited the National Hsinchu University of Education to conduct a broad survey, targeting fourth graders at 28 elementary schools and eighth graders at 15 junior high schools in the county. In the sampling process, they obtained questionnaires from 20 percent of the student population for all fourth and eighth graders at the schools, which included 892 fourth graders and 908 eighth graders, split evenly between boys and girls.





1. exercise v.

運動 (yun4 dong4)

例: I usually exercise first thing in the morning before eating breakfast.


2. extracurricular adj.

課外的 (ke4 wai4 de5)

例: The school encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities, such as playing sports, playing in an ensemble, or working for the school newspaper.


3. questionnaire n.

問卷 (wen4 juan4)

例: The questionnaire is aimed at 10-to-15-year-olds with divorced parents.




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