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Pinglin and Shuangsi’s low-carbon tourism on new path
坪林雙溪旅遊轉型 擬推低碳自由行

People visit New Taipei City’s Pinglin district on March 1.

Photo: He Yu-hua, Liberty Times

New Taipei City’s Pinglin and Shuangxi districts have been promoting low-carbon tourism for several years. This year they are working with travel agencies and mass transit operators in breaking with the group tour model and changing to individual tourism. Cheng Ta-wei, director of the city’s Environmental Protection Bureau’s Low Carbon Community Development Center, said there must be communication and discussions with district offices, and various packages established with local businesses, which will be available as early as May.

Promotion of low-carbon tourism began during 2008 in the Pinglin area. People must register ahead of time, and then on the day of travel meet in front of the New Taipei City government to take a mid-sized bus to Pinglin, switching upon arrival to a local golf cart or other low-carbon vehicles. Starting under the former Taipei County government and since it was upgraded to New Taipei City, between NT$6 million and NT$7 million has been set aside annually for the project.

Cheng also said that travel agencies are extremely willing to work with them, and the reaction is usually positive when it comes to companies that already had routes going to Pinglin such as the Sindian Bus Co. On the other hand, since low-carbon tourism has been operating in Pinglin for several years, there was already an established way of doing things. In order to change anything there must be discussions with district offices and businesses to come up with even more attractive tourist itineraries. The reaction in Shuangsi District has been quite positive, and “low-carbon tourism every day” can be expected some time in May.



1. travel agency n. phr.

旅行社 (lu3 xing2 she4)

例: The travel agency is offering discount tickets for travel to Bangladesh next month.


2. communication n.

溝通 (gou1 tong1)

例: Communication between the two firms has been rather rocky.


3. route n.

路線 (lu4 xian4)

例: That stop isn’t on this bus route. You’ll have to switch buses at the next stop.






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