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Performing arts ‘Wikipedia’ invites everyone to put heads together
「表演藝術百年史」維基百科  邀全民集思廣益

A screenshot of the “Wikipedia of Taiwan’s Performing Arts: a hundred year history” Web site (

Photo courtesy of the Performing Arts Review (PAR)

The National Theater and Concert Hall’s (NTCH) “Wikipedia of Performing Arts: a hundred year history” Web site ( was officially launched last Thursday. Anyone who has information about performing arts in Taiwan is welcome to edit the page and contribute what they know. Like Wikipedia, the front page of the Web site is organized in entries, including ones, updated daily, of “this day in history,” “breaking news,” and “today’s featured photo.” There are also “latest updates” and “today’s performances” to give netizens an idea of what is going on in different towns in Taiwan.

After more than a year of conceiving, planning, collecting information, and constructing the Web site, the site incorporates historical documents from the NTCH collection, accumulated over the past 25 years, as well as information from the Performing Arts Almanac, the Performing Arts Record, and the NTCH ticketing Web site, all of which will serve as the initial basis of the Web site. Now that the site has been launched, the NTCH is open to individuals or groups to collaborate and edit the site together. The Performing Arts Review (PAR), a magazine run by the National Chiang Kai-shek Cultural Center, has also invited performing arts troupes in Taiwan to help with the editing of the historical material, and for each group to add details about its own history, including biographical information about its artists.

“Wikipedia of Performing Arts: a hundred year history” covers a broad range of topics. Given the Wikidepia model, it is hoped that the new site will develop as a major platform integrating and classifying important documents from the past century of the performing arts in Taiwan. However, as anyone is allowed to edit the Web site, and these unreviewed changes are updated automatically, the biggest concern is over the accuracy of the information. Therefore, the NTCH has to quickly set up a mechanism for reviewing at regular intervals to improve the Web site’s reliability.



1. breaking news n. phr.

即時新聞 (ji2 shi2 xin1 wen2)

例: This is breaking news; it only happened 10 minutes ago.


2. accumulate v.

累積 (lei3 ji1)

例: Mr. Salamander has accumulated thousands of souvenirs from his travels around the world.


3. interval n.

間隔 (jian4 ge2)

例: There will be an interval of 15 minutes before the second half of the performance.






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