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A : Robin, can we apply for the last part of the funds for this project yet?

B : My boss said he wants to change a few things since the Web site interface design isn’t exactly what was expected, so you might have to wait a little longer.

A : But the project has been changed so many times.

B : OK. I’ll ask my boss again how he wants to handle it

A : Robin,關於這個案子,請問我們可以請剩下的尾款嗎?

B : 我老闆說,因為整個網頁介面設計不如預期,他還要再修改,可能又要拖了!

A : 可是這個案子已經修改好多次了。

B : 好,我再問一下老闆打算怎麼處理。

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