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Study shows home is most dangerous place for children

Children dance on stage during an event held by Ching-chuan Children’s Safety Association in New Taipei City on May 15 last year.

Photo: Tsai Wei-chi, Liberty Times

Ching-chuan Children’s Safety Association has released the results of a vote rating the 10 biggest news stories related to children’s safety last year, with the majority of them being about traffic-related accidents. The home environment, however, was found to be the most dangerous place for children, and the association reminds parents not to be so negligent.

According to the association’s statistics, among the 192 types of injuries collected last year, 51 children under the age of 12 died, and 336 received minor to severe injuries. When looking into the causes of these accidents, it was discovered that negligence and unsafe surroundings were the main culprits, which included carrying children in vehicles that did not pass inspection, not using a child car seat, and parts of the home environment luring children into falling downstairs.

The association also invited 84 academics and experts to analyze news about child safety during 2011, and took a survey selecting the top 10 news stories about accidents children had, requiring more vigilance on the part of parents. A story about a boy drowning because the mother left her older daughter alone in the bath with her young son for 10 minutes was at the top of the list. A 23-day-old infant killed by a deployed airbag while being held in the front seat of a car came in second.







1. negligent adj.

大意的 (da4 yi4 de5)

例: Dorothy was negligent enough to leave her baby at the grocery store.


2. analyze v.

分析 (fen1 xi1)

例: As a researcher, you must constantly analyze and compare various sets of data.


3. vigilance n.

警醒 (jing2 xing3)

例: Vigilance is required when operating a motor vehicle.


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