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A : Hello Mr Chang. We received your e-mail. I’ll let upper management know about your problem on Monday.

B : I’ve already told your company about this problem several times. If you are only now telling upper management that means you haven’t handled it at all.

A : Sorry. The company has probably started working on it. I’ll help you find out where they are on Monday and see if any progress has been made.

A : 張先生您好,我們收到您的電子郵件,您的問題我會在星期一向公司上級反應。

B : 這問題我反應過好幾次了,現在還要反應上級,代表你們根本沒有處理啊!

A : 抱歉,公司應該是有幫您處理。我星期一會幫您瞭解目前的處理方法和進度。

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