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A : What a hassle taking on this client Werner has been.

B : Why do you say that?

A : When I first set up the Web site for them, they would ask me when they didn’t understand something, but after a while they were still asking me, which made me feel like all they do is ask questions and never try to figure out things themselves.

B : It’s hard for a client to change their habits. You’ll just have to accept it.

A : 我覺得這次接到華納公司這個客戶的案子,好麻煩喔!

B : 怎麼說?

A : 我幫他們架設的網站,剛開始他們遇到不懂的問題,我會直接回答。但是時間久了還是用問的,讓我覺得對方只習慣問而不懂得學習。

B : 客戶的習慣是很難改變的,你還是認命一點吧!

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