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Kids won’t eat veggies? Try rewards, a study says
小孩不吃蔬菜 試試獎賞

Vegetables on display at a market stall in Taipei on Jan. 7.

Photo: Bloomberg

If your preschoolers turn up their noses at carrots or celery, a small reward like a sticker for taking even a taste may help get them to eat previously shunned foods, according to a UK study.

Though it might seem obvious that a reward could tempt young children to eat their vegetables, the idea is actually controversial, researchers wrote in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

That’s because some studies have shown that rewards can backfire and cause children to lose interest in foods they already liked, said Jane Wardle, a researcher at University College London who worked on the study.

“We would recommend that parents consider using small non-food rewards, given daily for tasting tiny pieces of the food — smaller than half a little finger nail,” Wardle said in an email.

The study found that when parents gave their three- and four-year-olds a sticker each time they took a “tiny taste” of a disliked vegetable, it gradually changed the children’s attitudes.









1. preschooler


學齡前兒童 (xue2 ling2 qian2 er2 tong2)

例: According to Taipei City Government statistics, 62 percent of preschoolers had dental cavities in 2010.


2. turn up one’s nose at


不屑一顧 (bu2 xie4 yi2 gu4)

例: She turned up her nose at the food.


3. tempt


引誘;吸引 (yin3 you4; xi1 yin3)

例: We refused the offer even though it was tempting.


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