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Han Tang Yuefu Ensemble to perform new piece at TIFA
台灣國際藝術節 漢唐樂府推《殷商王后》

Han Tang Yuefu Ensemble performers act out part of In the Beginning at a press conference on March 21 last year.

Photo: Song Chih-hsiung, Liberty Times
照片: 自由時報記者宋志雄

Based on the Book of Songs, or Shi Jing, a script about the beautiful love story of the king and queen of the Shang Dynasty — Wu Ding and Fu Hao — will be performed by the Han Tang Yuefu Ensemble at this year’s Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA) to commemorate the ensemble’s 30th anniversary as well as to promote the nankuan court music tradition.

The King and Queen of the Shang Dynasty — Wu Ding and Fu Hao depicts the story of Wu Ding, who ruled during the 23rd reign of the Shang Dynasty, and his wife Fu Hao, the first heroine ever recorded in Chinese history, both of whom were extremely talented and wise individuals. When Wu Ding became entangled in an arduous expedition against the Chu Kingdom, Fu Hao neglected her pregnancy in order to lead troops to help her husband in the war effort. Though they were ultimately victorious in battle, she eventually died from illness after having a miscarriage. The sentimental Wu Ding was unwilling to accept that his wife had departed from this mortal world, so instead of following the customary ritual of burying one’s wife in a mausoleum, he buried her at the side of the palace hall, allowing them to be together in life and death. This historical anecdote intrigued the Han Tang Yuefu Ensemble’s artistic director Chen Mei-e, who says the story is classic, romantic and beautiful, which made it highly suitable for a nankuan interpretation.

The piece will be performed between March 23 and March 25 at the National Theater.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Kyle Jeffcoat)




1. script n.

腳本 (jiao2 ben3)

例: Do you know who wrote the script for this play?


2. victorious adj.

勝利的 (sheng4 li4 de5)

例: Though victorious in the election, she lost popular appeal during her term as president.


3. interpretation n.

詮釋 (quan2 shi4)

例: I would like to know your interpretation of this particular painting.




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