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A : I added a few inches to my waistline over the New Year. I really gained quite a lot of weight.

B : Yeah, me too. I was just eating and eating, and didn’t get any exercise at all.

A : Hopefully being busy at work will help me eventually lose some of it.

B : You’re dreaming! We just sit in our chairs all day at the office. It’s nearly impossible to lose weight that way.

A : 過年吃了一圈下來,真是胖了不少。

B : 沒錯,我也是一直吃都沒運動。

A : 希望現在上班忙碌,可以慢慢瘦回去。

B : 想得美!我們上班一直坐在椅子上,想瘦恐怕更難了。

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