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Romanians use gift cards to turn donuts into dollars

The interior view of a Dunkin’ Donuts shop at the Miramar Entertainment Park in Taipei is shown in this photo taken last Wednesday.
這張攝於上週三的照片,是甜甜圈連鎖店Dunkin’ Donuts位於台北美麗華百樂園的門市。

Photo: Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times

Two Romanians put a new twist on the American expression “dollars to donuts” when they recoded Dunkin’ Donut gift cards with stolen bank account details and used them to withdraw money by turning donuts into dollars in New York City.

The men, who were in the US on journalism visas, used dozens of the recoded Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards to withdraw more than US$17,700 (NT$536,000) from one ATM machine, prosecutors said. They were sentenced on Dec. 28 last year to three years in prison.

“The defendants should have used the Dunkin’ Donut gift cards to purchase coffee and donuts, instead they have just bought themselves up to three years in prison. Justice has been served,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

The phrase is a rhetorical expression meaning “very sure” that is used when one person is confident of winning a bet.


兩名羅馬尼亞人賦予美國俚語「拿錢換甜甜圈」新解,他們利用偷來的銀行帳戶資料將Dunkin’ Donuts的儲值卡轉碼,然後拿這些儲值卡在紐約市提款。

檢方指出,這兩名以新聞採訪簽證滯留美國的男子,利用數十張被轉碼的Dunkin’ Donuts儲值卡在一台自動提款機領了超過一萬七千七百美元(新台幣五十三萬六千元)。他們在去年十二月二十八日被判處三年有期徒刑。

「被告應該把Dunkin’ Donuts儲值卡用來買咖啡跟甜甜圈,但結果他們買到的是在牢裡蹲三年。正義得以伸張,」皇后區地方檢察官李察‧布朗說。




1. dollars to donuts idiom

十拿九穩 (shi2 na2 jiu2 wen3)

例: I’ll bet you dollars to donuts he won’t attend the meeting.


2. turn … into … v. phr.

將…改變為… (jiang1 …gai3 bian4 wei2…)

例: The magician turned a dove into a flower.


3. justice n.

正義 (zheng4 yi4)

例: Justice delayed is justice denied.


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