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Black-faced spoonbill figures down 200 last year
大台南地區黑面琵鷺 年減兩百多隻

A black-faced spoonbill.

Photo: Liu Wan-chun, Taipei Times

The latest survey of the black-faced spoonbill population announced by Taijiang National Park on Dec. 25 last year showed that there were only 1,399 black-faced spoonbills in Greater Tainan, over 200 birds less than the year before, when there were 1,671 birds. There were also 34 birds in the Aogu Wetland in Chiayi County. The total number of birds in Chiayi County and Greater Tainan added up to 1,433.

Tsai Chin-chu, a researcher in the conservation division at Taijiang National Park Headquarters, said a survey conducted on Nov. 28, 2010 found 1,671 birds, which is the largest population ever recorded. Since then the number of black-faced spoonbills visiting the main habitat at the mouth of Zengwen River has shrunk. At times there have only been a dozen birds there, and sometimes not even a single one, which is disappointing visitors. Although not as high as the year before, the numbers were more stable last year, and there were always black-faced spoonbills in the habitat.

Tsai said that judging from the surveys last year and the year before, he is fairly certain that the primary cause of the declining populations of black-faced spoonbills in 2010 was the lack of food. The Taijiang National Park Headquarters added an additional feeding area at the site designated for the Cigu campus at National Tainan University last year, which was apparently effective because the latest survey showed that 420 black-faced spoonbills wintered in the habitat.

(Translated by Lin Ya-ti)




1. conduct v.

實施 (shi2 shi1)

例: Countries conduct a national census on a regular basis so they can know how many people there are in the country.


2. habitat n.

棲地 (qi1 di4)

例: This is an unusual habitat for that bird. It normally stays in wet areas.


3. judge v.

判斷 (pan4 duan4)

例: Judging from the bags under your eyes, you haven’t slept for about three days.



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