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Taipei 101 fireworks display: 30,000 rounds in 202 seconds
台北一○一跨年煙火秀 兩百零二秒狂放三萬發

A simulation of the 2012 New Year’s Eve fireworks display at Taipei 101.

Photo courtesy of Taipei 101

At an estimated cost of NT$30 million, 30,000 rounds of fireworks will be set off over 202 seconds at the much-anticipated Taipei 101 New Year’s Eve fireworks display, making it the most intense ever, according to an announcement last Thursday. For the first time, the fireworks will be set off from the top, middle, and bottom of the building to cover an even larger area than in previous years. The display features various kinds of fireworks, like “magic cubes” and waterfalls. Coincidentally, both Janfusun Fancy World in Yunlin County and Dream Mall in Greater Kaohsiung have focused on the image of a dragon to welcome the “year of the dragon.”

Michael Liu, assistant vice president of Taipei 101, said the number in the name of Taipei 101 coincides with the 101st year of the Republic of China, so they decided that the display will last 202 seconds to celebrate the “double 101.”

The Central Weather Bureau reminds those who want the best view of the fireworks display to stand upwind of the venue. If there is a northeasterly wind the day after tomorrow, they should avoid standing downwind at a southwesterly location where they would catch all the smoke. In other words, the best location would be at an upwind location to the northeast of Taipei 101.







1. anticipate v.

期待;預料 (qi2 dai4; yu4 liao4)

例: I’m not sure, but I anticipate a big crowd if the weather is good.


2. coincidentally adv.

不約而同地 (bu4 yue1 er2 tong2 de5)

例: Coincidentally, the three of us were wearing the same shirt that day.


3. upwind adv.

上風地;迎風地 (shang4 feng1 de5; ying2 feng1 de5)

例: It’s cold, so you’d better not stand facing upwind, otherwise the wind will blow in your face.


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