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Taiwan student paints mural at Munich’s Olympic Village
慕尼黑奧運選手村牆面美化 台生彭宣穎添光彩

A mural of the bicentenary of San Salvador, the first movement of the Central America independence, is seen in San Salvador, El Salvador, on Nov. 4.

Photo: EPA
照片: 歐新社

Taiwanese architectural design student Peng Hsuan-ying is a man of many talents. Not only was he granted scholarships for the four semesters he has studied at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) as an architect major, Peng’s work was also selected as one of the winners at his university’s photography competition, which is to be printed in 4,000 copies of a 2012 calendar. His work was also accepted as part of the Munich Olympic Village “Beautify the Walls Competition,” giving Taiwanese art local exposure in Germany.

The Olympic Village was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, but eventually became the location of student housing for university students as well as a major scenic spot in Munich. After more than 30 years of usage, however, it has gradually become dilapidated. Thus, it was decided that a competition open to the public would be held to beautify its walls. The winners of the competition each received 500 euros and their art will remain on the walls for people to appreciate. Peng was selected to paint the “Front wall, back wall mural”— a 75-square-meter painting which has already been completed.






1. beautify v.

美化 (mei3 hua4)

例: The government will fund a new program for beautifying the nation’s highways.


2. scenic spot n. phr.

景點 (jing2 dian3)

例: Sun Moon Lake is a major scenic spot in Taiwan.


3. dilapidated adj.

老舊沒落的 (lao3 jiu4 mo4 luo4 de5)

例: The company is planning to renovate the dilapidated building and turn it into a shopping mall.


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