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Ministry releases results for Aboriginal civil service exam
原民特考放榜 錄取率百分之四點三七

Aborigines in dance at a traditional sports carnival and competition in Greater Tainan’s Hsinying District on Nov. 11.

Photo: Yang Chin-cheng, Taipei Times
照片: 照片:自由時報記者楊金城

As firecrackers went off in the background, the results of this year’s Civil Service Special Examinations for the Indigenous Peoples were released. The Ministry of Examination put on a curtain-raiser on Dec. 9 with lively Aboriginal dancing and music to celebrate the announcement of the test results, and then continued with the main ceremony, during which the Examination Yuan’s Civil Service Protection and Training Commission Chairwoman Chang Ming-chu announced the names. A total of 139 applicants were accepted this year, or 4.37 percent of all Aboriginal test takers. The majority of them were from the Amis tribe at 28.78 percent of those accepted. The average age of those accepted was 29 years old, while the youngest person was 20 years old and the oldest 47 years old. The list was posted at the national testing location and on the ministry Web site.

Ministry of Examination Minister Lai Feng-wei said 5,190 Aborigines signed up to take the exam this year, 3,182 of whom actually showed up to take the exam. Around 80 percent of those accepted had at least a college-level education, while 10 percent had master’s degrees. As of the end of September, the nation had 6,833 civil service workers who identify themselves as Aborigines, accounting for two percent of all civil service personnel in Taiwan.






1. firecracker n.

鞭炮 (bian1 pao4)

例: They were setting off firecrackers all night, so I didn’t sleep a wink.


2. curtain-raiser n.

序幕 (xu4 mu4)

例: The curtain-raiser was most entertaining.


3. average adj.

平均的 (ping2 jun1 de5)

例: The average time I spend commuting to and from work every day is about two hours.


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