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Kaohsiung’s creative wave attracts the younger generation
高雄多元藝文氣息漸濃 吸引年輕世代

A crowd gathers outside the Trick Art exhibition held at the Pier-2 Art Center just before the Lunar New Year on Jan. 29.

Photo: Yang Ching-ching, Taipei Times

A sense of transformation has been in the air in Greater Kaohsiung ever since the World Games were held there in 2009. Residents have stopped focusing on issues such as labor movements, industrial migration, or the relocation of Chinese Petroleum Corp. Instead, they are talking about going to concerts at the Kaohsiung Arena, attending lawn concerts of the Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival, visiting the Kaohsiung Design Exhibition at the Pier-2 Art Center, and getting early-bird tickets for the Kaohsiung Film Festival. The vibrant cultural and arts scene is giving the younger generation cause to believe that the city is getting ever closer to its goal of being the city of happiness.

According to Kaohsiung Bureau of Cultural Affairs Director-General Shih Che, a survey showed that people in the 20 to 29 age bracket are under the greatest pressure from work, compared to those from all other age groups. These people — mostly recent graduates or newbie parents — have high hopes for their future, but are also discovering that this is the toughest time in terms of developing their careers. People in this age group, however, tend to know what they are about, and are often outspoken critics of the government. If these people are satisfied with what the city government is doing, then it shows that they are happy with the food, fashion, housing, transport, entertainment, and leisure facilities in the city.

The survey serves as confirmation that the city government’s efforts are paying off, and is very encouraging to local performing arts groups such as the Kaohsiung City Ballet, Spring Wind Art Theater, Taiwan Drama Performance, Sun Hope Taiwanese Opera Troupe, Counterpoint Chamber Music, Fan Mei Dance Company, Firefly Theatre, and others, all of which have been seeing much larger audiences and higher box office takings in recent years.


1. vibrant adj.

豐富多元的 (feng1 fu4 duo1 yuan2 de5)

例: You have chosen very vibrant colors for this room. I would have chosen something a little softer.


2. age bracket n. phr.

年齡層 (nian2 ling2 ceng2)

例: People in the 12 to 17 age bracket are prone to acne, but things improve by the time they reach their late teens.


3. burgeoning adj.

迅速發展的 (xun4 su4 fa1 zhan3 de5)

例: The city’s burgeoning population necessitated its expansion.


International-level exhibitions on view at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts have included works by Andy Warhol, Pixar Animation, the Bauhaus movement, Amedeo Modigliani, and Alfons Mucha. These exhibitions have achieved the most successful attendance records in the museum’s history. The Pier-2 Art Center draws a huge crowd, especially during winter and summer vacations, but also on other holidays. Greater Kaohsiung’s burgeoning development not only attracts visitors from abroad, it also provides a model for other cities and counties in Taiwan to follow.







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