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Nev. man accused of throwing mom out of wedding
把老媽趕出婚禮 內華達州男子被告

A Nevada man faces misdemeanor charges after authorities say he threw his mother out of a church when she arrived to stop his wedding.

The Record-Courier reports Justin Lew Harris of Gardnerville carried his 56-year-old mother out of the church on Nov. 28 as she loudly objected to the ceremony.

Harris’ wedding at the Carson Valley United Methodist Church was called off after the disruption, church volunteer Jim Jameson said. Jameson did not know what the mother’s objections concerned.

Harris, 35, faces disorderly conduct and coercion charges. He was released from the Douglas County Jail on his own recognizance on Nov. 30.

East Fork Justice Tom Perkins urged Harris to treat family members with respect after the mother indicated she wanted contact with him, the newspaper reported.

The town of Gardnerville is about 80km south of Reno.










1. throw out v. phr.

強迫離開 (qiang2 po4 li2 kai1)

例: At least 10 students have been thrown out of school for cheating in exams.


2. object to v. phr.

反對 (fan3 dui4)

例: I object to his opinion.


3. call off v. phr.

取消 (qu3 xiao1)

例: I won’t call off the trip just because you don’t feel like going.


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