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NT$60,000 in sports lottery tickets stolen with defibrillator
想發橫財 持電擊器搶六萬多元運動彩券

A Taiwan Sports Lottery sign.

Photo: Wang Min, Taipei Times
照片: 自由時報記者王敏

Last Thursday around 9am a man pretending to want to buy a large quantity of lottery tickets from a Taiwan Sports Lottery vendor located off Guangfu South Road in Taipei pulled out a defibrillator and stole NT$10,000 in cash and over NT$60,000 in lottery tickets. According to surveillance video and the store clerk’s account, the robber was around 40 years old, 160cm tall, and wore a peaked cap.

The thief walked into the lottery shop alone. First, he walked over to the customer area to fill out the sheet used for placing bets, and then gave the sheet of paper to the clerk. After the clerk finished placing the bets for him, the robber said: “It didn’t print clearly. Can you help me fix it?” He then took the opportunity to go behind the counter and the clerk to steal the cash in the cash register.

The clerk turned around to see what was happening because the drawer made a sound when he opened it. Suddenly realizing that he had failed, the thief then unexpectedly pulled out a defibrillator, pointed it at the clerk, and switched on the device, which made a terrible buzzing sound. The clerk was petrified, and had no other option but to let the robber take the cash and the lottery tickets with the bets already placed. The 25-year-old clerk, surnamed Huang, was badly shaken up from the incident. Her husband rushed to the scene and said he would take her to have the frightened souls recalled in a traditional rite known as shoujing.





1. defibrillator n.

電擊器 (dian4 ji2 qi4)

例: The firefighter used a defibrillator to revive him.


2. cash register n.

收銀機 (shou1 yin2 ji1)

例: The robber was disappointed to find the cash register completely empty.


3. petrify v.

嚇呆 (xia4 dai1)

例: Witnessing the murder of her aunt petrified the child.




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