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Spicing up sex life with pretend rape turns real for mistress
裝強暴助「性」? 矇眼硬上重創小三

Stuntman Joe Alexander catches an arrow blindfolded in Hamburg, Germany on Nov. 16.

Photo: EPA
照片: 歐新社

In order to improve the quality of sex with his extramarital partner, a married man surnamed Chien broke into his mistress’ house and pretended to be a rapist. He tied her up using tape while she was in the middle of sleeping, forced her to have sex with him, and then left without revealing his identity. The mistress then called the police believing she had been raped. When the police showed her the surveillance video, she was shocked and said: “What? Isn’t that my boyfriend?” However, because it was a criminal act subject to public prosecution, what was initially pretend turned real, and Chien was indicted on charges of rape and sentenced to two years in prison and a suspended sentence of five years.

The verdict said that Chien often comes in and out of his mistress’ house freely, and that they had previously used blindfolds and tied up each others’ hands in order to spice up their sex life. One day in August this year, Chien wore a black baseball cap when he went inside his mistress’ house, saw that she was sound asleep, and then without tell her first, he tore off all her clothes, put a blindfold on her eyes, tied her hands behind her back, and forced her to have sex. During the process, his girlfriend resisted, and poked his cheeks and neck with a key, bruising his back and arms. The most unbelievable thing is that after the entire incident, Chien did not even explain what he had done, left her tied up, and drove away on his motorcycle.

His girlfriend suspected that it was probably Chien who had raped her but still had her doubts, so she sent a text message and called him to make sure, but he did not respond. Therefore, thinking that she had really been raped, her mother notified the police, and when the police were reviewing the surveillance footage, she saw that it was actually Chien who raped her.






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