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Abdominal pain reunites siblings after 28 years
流浪二十八年 腹痛就醫姊弟重逢

An anonymous elderly woman’s stomach is shown in this undated photograph.

Photo courtesy of Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation

A 56-year-old woman from Miaoli County, surnamed Liao, who did not have any medical insurance was unable to pay her medical fees exceeding NT$10,000. The hospital called the police to handle the matter, which led to her being reunited with two younger brothers she had not seen for 28 years.

Liao eloped after having a falling out with her parents over a marriage her parents were against. She later divorced her husband after he subjected her to domestic violence, and felt too ashamed to return home. She then became a volunteer at a temple where she could eat and repent. She was reunited with her relatives after fainting and being sent to Cheng Ching Hospital’s Pingdeng Branch. Her younger brothers agreed to sign the forms allowing her to be operated on for a disease in her large intestine and also to pay her medical fees so she could receive medical care.

The police said that on Dec. 2 the hospital told them Liao had abdominal pains, and that after checking her they found she needed immediate surgery. As Liao did not have medical insurance, they urgently needed to locate a family member to sign a form of consent. The police were to help in the search, but Liao had given them a false name, so the police could not find any data on her. After some gentle persuasion, Liao finally told them she had not returned home in over 20 years, that she had fainted several days before in the temple due to stomach pains, and that a fellow volunteer had taken her to the hospital.

Liao eventually wrote down her real name. When the police were able to find her household registration information, they discovered that she had two younger brothers. The brothers said that their parents had already passed away, and that when their sister left home, they thought she had already died. Everyone was very happy to be reunited.



1. reunite v.

團圓 (tuan2 yuan2)

例: The war kept them from ever being reunited.


2. domestic violence n. phr.

家暴 (jia1 bao4)

例: The police station said they received over 20 calls about domestic violence last week.


3. repent v.

懺悔 (chan4 hui3)

例: The priest asked the old man if he had ever repented for his sins.







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