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Cross-dressing panty pilferer stole female students’ undies
穿洋裝反串 曾志偉偷女學生內衣

All of the underwear the suspect stole are spread out on a police desk in this photo taken on Nov.29.

Photo: Wu Chun-feng, Taipei Times
照片: 自由時報記者吳俊鋒

Two female students at Far East University in Tainan’s Hsinshih District had their underwear regularly stolen. The burglar, named Tseng Chih-wei — the exact same given name and family name as Hong Kong movie star Eric Tsang — was successfully detained on Nov. 29. The suspect lives just downstairs. Tseng was cross-dressed in a dress while committing the crime. When his residence was searched, they found over a hundred stolen items. The police suspect he has a fetish.

According to the police investigation, the 34-year-old Tseng is from Pingtung County, and previously worked as a temporary employee at Southern Taiwan Science Park, but is currently unemployed. He rents a room in a dormitory on Renai Road in Hsinshih. During the interrogation, Tseng said that he started stealing panties to console himself because his girlfriend abandoned him.

In September, when the two female students Liu and Lin, who live on the fourth floor of the same building, started having their underwear stolen, they upgraded the lock on their door, but still had their underwear stolen three more times. They then tried to think of a way to catch the perpetrator, reported the matter to the local police precinct, and requested that they install an online alarm bell, which was installed in mid-November. The two girls were at school when they were notified that the suspect was caught breaking into their room while they were out.

The suspect is more than 170cm tall, slightly emaciated, and does not have the same short stature and plump appearance of Hong Kong movie star Eric Tsang. The head of the precinct Lin Chin-te counted the total number of underpants and swimsuits, which amounted to 117 pieces in all along with a bag full of dresses.



1. fetish n.

戀物癖 (lian4 wu4 pi4)

例: Most of the research about fetishes is about heterosexual men.


2. console v.

慰藉 (wei4 jie4)

例: Her husband bought her a puppy after their dog died to console her.


3. abandon v.

拋棄(pao1 qi4);遺棄 (yi2 qi4)

例: Mark’s father abandoned him when he was five years old.







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