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Charges lifted for speeding to save friend’s life
超速送友就醫 法官判免罰

A roadside sign with a speed limit of 50kph is seen in this undated photo.

Photo: Chen Hsin-jen, Taipei Times

Even though he saved his friend’s life in the end, Peng Jung-kui was still issued a speeding ticket while rushing his friend to the hospital. The Banciao District Court was in a dilemma when they had to handle the case, but after weighing the pros and cons of Peng’s actions, the judge eventually acquitted him because he believed Peng had no other option but to break the speed limit and that he had made a logical decision.

The incident occurred at 8:24pm on the night of July 2. When the 65-year-old Peng passed Shenkeng District’s 106 Route and the Fu An Residence on his way to Taipei, the radar clocked him at 77kph at a section of road where the speed limit is 50kph; thus, he was 27kph over the speed limit, the fine of which is NT$1,600.

Peng said he did not think he should be charged, adding that his friend Liu had a worsening condition and Liu’s mother was unable to take care of him. He had no choice but to drive his friend and his mother in his car because he was unaware of the exact state of his friend’s condition, so he had to get to National Taiwan University Hospital as fast as possible.

After Liu recovered, he went to court to testify for the man who saved his life, saying his mom indeed could not drive because she is already quite old – 76 years old. Therefore, Peng had to drive him to the hospital.

The hospital determined that Liu was suffering from low pituitary hormone levels. The judge therefore felt Peng’s saving his friend’s life outweighed the risks involved in neglecting traffic safety, and that in doing so he had acted in an emergency to avert life-threatening danger, which he felt had been necessary and proportionate. Therefore, Peng was acquitted in line with Article 13 of the Administrative Penalty Act as he was averting danger.



1. dilemma n.

兩難 (liang3 nan2)

例: I’m afraid life is rife with these sorts of dilemmas, but you must make a decision.


2. acquit v.

免除 (mian3 chu2)

例:The suspect was eventually acquitted of all charges.


3. testify v.

作證 (zuo4 zheng4)

例: We will need you to testify in court since you were a witness to the crime.








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