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A : Your resume is really interesting. It’s written like a blog.

B : Yeah, I’ve been running my own blog for quite a while now, and I’m a really good writer.

A : But we’re looking for an editor who is familiar with Web sites for various social groups.

B : Well, you’re in luck. I also use Plurk, so I know a lot about that.

A : 你的履歷表很有趣,感覺像是在寫部落格文章。

B : 是的,我的個人部落格已經經營很久,我非常擅長寫文章。

A : 不過,我們要找的是熟悉所有不同社群網站的文案編輯。

B : 正好,我也有玩噗浪,我非常熟悉。

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