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NT$50k dentures mistaken for guava seeds thrown into lake
樂極生悲 翁丟芭樂 假牙齊飛

A man tries to find false teeth at the bottom of Cheng Ching Lake in Greater Kaohsiung on Oct. 18 after an octogenarian accidentally threw them into the lake along with some guava seeds.

Photo: Fang Chih-hsien, Liberty Times

An octogenarian surnamed Liu was eating a guava on the bank of Cheng Ching Lake in Greater Kao-hsiung when he accidentally threw his NT$50,000 false teeth into the lake with some guava seeds. A local water company sent out a raft to the spot to retrieve them, but the teeth had already sunk to the bottom of the lake, and they were unable to get them.

Liu was strolling around Cheng Ching Lake with a friend, surnamed Lee to get some exercise. They eventually stopped at a pavilion next to Chiang Kai-shek’s temporary residence to take a rest. The two friends were eating guavas and chatting when Liu burst out laughing, throwing the remaining guava seeds into the lake without realizing that his false teeth were among them.

Liu discovered his teeth were on the concrete bank of the lake and sought help from the water company to fetch them. Lee said his friend only called someone to help get them back as he had had them for a long time and they were a perfect fit, and was hoping he would be able to get them back.

The water company said they were willing to provide assistance in cases where people’s belongings fall into the lake, but that they were unable to make it in time that day because the raft was otherwise engaged on the other side of the lake. They therefore arranged to search for the dentures the following morning. However, they had already sunk to the bottom of the lake, and remain lost despite the best efforts of the workers.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Taijing Wu)




1. retrieve v.

打撈,重拾 (da3 lao1, chong2 shi2)

例: The rescue team spent five hours retrieving the boy after he fell into the well this morning.


2. stroll v.

散步 (san4 bu4)

例: We strolled around the park for quite a while.


3. sink v.

沉入 (chen2 ru4)

例: The boat started sinking after several rounds of ammunition were fired into the side of it.




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