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Summer or Winter, Green Island is the Best Holiday Resort
觀光綠島 冬夏皆宜

A white sand beach aside of the American-built light house in Green Island.

Photo: courtesy of Tania

Green Island is a vacation Mecca for many Taiwanese. It perennially fascinates the visitors who go there and makes them want to stay forever. Joyce, Serena and Tania are three close friends who had all previously fallen in love with the island. They decided to spend both New Year’s Eve and the Mid-Autumn Festival together there.

Taitung is a mandatory transit stop on your way to Green Island. From there you can either choose to take a plane or jump on a boat. Although Tania loves traveling by boat, she suggests taking a plane. She said “The winds and waves on the ocean are very strong in the winter, so taking a boat feels a bit like being on a roller coaster. People get seasick very easily. There was one boy who used a vomit bag every 10 minutes. Both Joyce and Serena got seasick as well.”

Tania said Green Island is about the size of one’s palm when you look down at it from the plane, and riding slowly on a motorcycle around the island only takes half an hour. Picturesque views can be seen around the island all along its coast.

There are three things a person visiting Green Island must experience and should not miss for anything. The most indelible experiences for these three ladies was the taste of algae which is customarily added to so many foods there, the sensation of dipping their toes in the Jhaorih Hot Springs, and the stunning view of the white shell beach. Algae is a natural food that grows in the ocean around Green Island. It can be added to fried eggs, pancakes and shaved ice, which is enjoyed by many in the summer months.

Serena, who loves shaved ice, said she likes the Jhaorih Hot Springs the most. The hot springs face the Pacific Ocean to the east, hence called “jhaorih” in Chinese, which means “rising sun.” The water in the hot springs is clear, while the average temperature of the water is 53 degrees Celsius. The water at the exit of the hot spring, however, gets as hot as 90 degrees Celsius.

This trio of friends recommends the white shell beach the most, where all you see is white. Shells and corals form the beach. Green Island is the result of volcanic activity; thus, there are not any sandy beaches. Tania said there are too many interesting things to do there, but she mostly regrets not having enough time for snorkeling. But then again there is always next time.

(By Taijing Wu, Taipei Times)








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