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Customer leaves one million NT dollars in taxi
搭小黃掉一百萬現鈔 三天後物歸原主

Hsieh Kuan-wei holds the one million NT dollars he left in a taxi on Sept. 2.

Photo: Chiu Chun-fu, Taipei Times

Hsieh Kuan-wei borrowed a million NT dollars from his company to pay off his credit card debt. But when he got out of a taxi on Aug. 30, he left the money inside the car. The driver was notified, but could not find it. It was not until he was washing his car on Sept. 2 that he suddenly found the bag of cash under the driver’s seat. With the help of the taxi company and the police, he managed to return the money to its rightful owner, much to the delight of Hsieh.

The driver who found the bag of cash, Ku Cheng-teh, works for Taiwan Taxi Co. Hsieh initially wanted to give Ku, the taxi company and the police NT$200,000 to show his gratitude, but none of them would accept the gesture. Hsieh said he now feels as though he has found NT$800,000, and would like to donate NT$200,000 to public welfare groups in order to help more people.

The police said that Hsieh had gone to New Taipei City to withdraw NT$1,000,000 from a Cosmos Bank on Aug. 30. At around 7pm that day he got into Ku’s cab at the intersection of Jinshan North Road and Bade Road in Taipei City. When he alighted from the taxi at Songzhi Road in Taipei, he was busy talking on his mobile phone and forgot to take the paper bag. Hsieh immediately alerted the police after he realized he had forgotten the money.

After the police were notified, they found the driver by contacting the taxi company; however, the driver told them he did not see the bag, and supposed that another customer probably took it. After the driver found the bag under the driver’s seat when he was washing his car, he told his company and immediately took it to the police station.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Taijing Wu)


1. delight n.

欣喜 (xin1 xi3)

例: It was such a delight seeing you here.


2. gratitude n.

感謝 (gan3 xie4)

例: Please accept this as a token of my gratitude.


3. realize v.

發現 (fa1 xian4)

例: She didn’t realize he was standing there until he suddenly coughed.







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