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Suspected addict falls 10 stories out of fear
半夜撞門聲 奪窗而出十樓墜落

Firefighters try to remove Hsiao Kuei-ping from a narrow alley after he fell from the 10th story of a building on Sept. 2.

Photo: Wu Po-hsuan, Taipei Times

At the beginning of the month a woman and two men were sleeping in an apartment on the 10th floor in a building in New Taipei City’s Sanchong District where two of them live. At dawn they were suddenly startled by the sound of someone banging on the front door with a fire extinguisher. One of the men in the apartment, a guest named Hsiao Kuei-ping, unaware of why these people were doing this, risked his life by climbing out a window onto the building’s exterior wall, only to fall to the ground with a bloodcurdling scream.

Chen Han-ling, the 20-year-old female who rents the apartment, told the police that a girl known as Yaya had previously split the rent for the studio apartment with her. However, Chen had to kick out Yaya a few months before the incident because she was not paying her part of the rent. Chen’s boyfriend, Tsai Feng-jung, had also been trying to collect debts that Yaya owed her. This made Yaya seek the help of a few burly guys to threaten the couple.

The police were perplexed as to why Hsiao climbed out the 10-story window to hang on the wall instead of simply calling the police for help if he felt threatened. The police suddenly realized why when they found small amounts of amphetamines in the apartment.

When the men started banging on the door with a fire extinguisher, Hsiao woke up in a panic. His natural instinct to seek shelter told him to climb out the window. He initially planned to climb over to the neighbor’s apartment, but because the awning below the window was not strong enough to sustain his weight, he fell 10 stories to the narrow alley below, seriously injuring himself in the fall.

Firefighters spent nearly an hour removing Hsiao from the alley before finally getting him to the hospital. After an emergency operation, he stayed in the intensive care unit for observation.


1. perplexed v.

困惑的 (kun4 huo4 de5)

例: The student looked very perplexed after listening to the professor’s lecture on astrophysics.


2. awning n.

雨篷 (yu3 peng2)

例: We would like to put up an awning over the porch.


3. operation n.

開刀 (kai1 dao1)

例: She is having an operation on her foot to remove a tumor.


When the police questioned Chen and Tsai, their statements did not match. They initially said they were the victims of violent debt collectors, but eventually changed their story saying that Yaya had refused to pay back the money she owed them. They both admitted to taking amphetamine, but claimed that the drugs belonged to Yaya. The police detained both Chen and Tsai, and analyzed video footage from the surveillance cameras in the building to identify the men who banged on the door.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Taijing Wu)








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