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YouTube video helps police catch unlawful motorcyclist
炫技壓車過彎 YouTube按圖逮人

A motorcyclist leans his motorbike during the British Grand Prix in Britain on June 12.

Photo: EPA

A video of a motorcyclist showing off his skills as he negotiated the sharp bends of the Taipei-Yilan Highway was uploaded on the video-sharing Web site YouTube, allowing the police to locate the 20-year-old driver by identifying his license plate number from the footage. He admitted what he did was very dangerous and told the police he would never do it again.

The video shows a person riding a 125cc motorcycle showing off his skills at negotiating a sharp bend four times, leaning so close to the ground that his knee was rubbing against it. Netizens that saw the video eventually notified the police because they thought it looked very dangerous. The police said the motorcyclist, surnamed Chang, was repeatedly leaning his bike as he sped around curves near the 33km marker on Beiyi Highway. With one foot hooked around the seat, the knee of the other leg touched the ground while he leaned left and right at various turns, police said these were techniques you would only see at Grand Prix competitions. Onlookers filmed the dangerous stunts and uploaded them onto YouTube. Netizens subsequently reported what they saw to the police.

When the police summoned Chang for questioning so they could write up a police report, he admitted to speeding through the four sharp curves and leaning his bike at a steep angle, and said he regreted it. Motorcyclists at Grand Prix motorbike races are trained professionally before being allowed to race through sharp curves at high speeds by leaning their bikes close to the track. Chang, however, has never received proper training; therefore, it was very dangerous for him to make these sharp turns at such high speeds on Beiyi Highway, where the road is both circuitous and narrow.


1. show off v. phr.

炫燿 (xuan4 yao4)

例: Everyone knows you’re the best at what you do, so why are you always trying to show off?


2. onlooker n.

路過的觀眾 (lu4 guo4 de5 guan1 zhong4)

例: Onlookers were apprehensive to help her because they feared the shooter might also shoot them.


3. clamp down on v. phr.

取締 (qu3 di4)

例: The government is clamping down on illegal downloads.


New Taipei City police said that motorcyclists might lose their balance and hit other vehicles if they go too fast or lean too much while driving on Beiyi Highway. They also said they will be clamping down on this sort of dangerous driving.







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