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A : I saw an ad yesterday for a banking agency salesperson position with a monthly salary of NT$50,000, including the bonus.

B : Sounds too good to be true.

A : It’s real. I called to ask, and they said the job basically consists of opening bank accounts for other people.

B : But why would this sort of job have a bonus? Sounds sketchy.

A : 我昨天看到一份工作,叫「銀行代辦業務」,底薪加業績獎金,每個月有5萬元。

B : 有這麼好的事情?

A : 是真的,我打電話去問,對方說工作內容就是幫別人辦理銀行開戶這麼簡單。

B : 這種工作怎麼會有業績獎金?我覺得很可疑。

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