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Dutch campsite offers bad weather refund
荷蘭露營地 天氣不好免錢

Sun worshippers enjoy the weather at the Kralingse Plas near Rotterdam, Netherlands last Tuesday.

Photo: AFP

A Dutch campsite has come up with a novel way to attract customers in this unseasonably cold and wet summer — a free stay should the average temperature drop below 20 degrees Celsius.

Following a hot and dry spring, summer temperatures have plummeted and July was colder and twice as wet as usual, the country’s meteorological institute said.

“We want to state it loud and clear: rain does not have to stand in your way to enjoy a fantastic holiday,” said Sylvia Jansen, campsite manager at the Hooge Veluwe Dream Park, some 87km southeast of Amsterdam.

“We were tired of hearing on television and reading in the papers that the weather is too miserable to camp this summer. We wanted to refute the idea,” she told AFP of the special offer that opened last Monday and will run to Aug. 20.

For each day of the campaign, camp management will record the temperature at 2pm and enter the number on a notice board at the reception.

When campers leave the site, an average daytime temperature for the duration of their stay will be calculated.

“If it’s below 20 degrees Celsius, you stay for free,” Jansen said.

To qualify for the “bad weather camp refund” one has to stay at the park for at least five consecutive days.

The occupation rate at the camping ground in the Veluwe, one of the southeast Netherlands’ most scenic areas, was currently at 80 percent and Jansen said the promotional campaign was starting to pay off.

“People are responding with great enthusiasm and reservations are starting to arrive,” she said.




露營地經理希爾維亞‧詹森說:「我們想要清楚明白地聲明:雨天也不足以阻礙你享受美好假期。」該露營地位於阿姆斯特丹東南方八十七公里的Hooge Veluwe夢幻公園。


1. plummet v.

驟降;大跌 (zou4 jiang4; da4 die2)

例: Stock prices plummeted yesterday amid fears that the US will not raise its debt ceiling.


2. loud and clear adj. phr.

清楚明白的 (qing1 chu3 ming2 bai2 de5)

例: Your message is loud and clear.


3. pay off v.

奏效 (zou4 xiao4)

例: All that practice is paying off. You’ve improved quite a lot since last year.










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