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In NY, gay marriage law brings wedding plans
紐約州同志結婚合法 預期湧現結婚潮

A sign reading “marry me” on a motorcycle during the New York City gay pride march on June 26.

Photo: AFP

It was a weekend of proposals, wedding plans and earnest thanks. The hard-won right to same-sex marriage in New York state gave way to joyous thoughts of trips down the aisle becoming a reality, not just a dream, for many thousands of gay couples.

“New York has sent a message to the nation,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on June 26 before the colorful extravaganza that is New York City’s annual gay pride parade. “It is time for marriage equality.”

When Cuomo signed the gay marriage bill on June 24, New York became the sixth and largest state in the US to legalize gay marriage, reinvigorating the national gay rights movement that had stalled over a nearly identical bill in New York two years ago. The 33-29 vote by the state Senate followed days of contentious negotiations, the courting of undecided Republicans and opposition from influential religious groups. The law is set to take effect on July 24.

“We’ve been waiting to get married in Central Park for years, and now we got here just in time for history to be made,” said Bryce Croft of Kettering, Ohio, who attended the parade festivities with her partner, Stephanie Croft.

The two women are not yet legally married although they share the same name, and they are in the process of moving to New York and getting married. They were in a Manhattan restaurant late Friday when they learned that the bill had passed.

“We cried over dinner, right into the mozzarella sticks,” Stephanie Croft said, adding that they had already selected a spot in Central Park — the boulder she had marked with Bryce’s name two years ago.

As he joined the parade procession, John Haracopos wore a T-shirt that declared, “Some dudes marry other dudes. Get over it.” He and his partner regard the new law as a legal rubber-stamping of what they did years ago.


1.extravaganza n. 盛典 (sheng4 dian3)

Spring Scream is a musical extravaganza that is held annually in the Kending area.


2. contentious adj.

爭論不休的 (zheng1 lun4 bu4 xiu1 de5)

Committee members finally voted on the issue after a contentious debate.


3.procession n.

隊伍(dui4 wu3)

Hundreds of mourners showed up at the funeral procession.


“We got married in the oldest church in Paris. And it was just us and God,” said Haracopos, a 46-year-old hair stylist. Still, the pair plans to hold another ceremony in New York to ensure their relationship is fully recognized by the law.

“Thank you, Governor Cuomo” and “Promise kept” read signs lining both sides of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

Same-sex marriage licenses also are granted by Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, plus Washington, D.C., and the Coquille Indian Tribe in Oregon.

New York’s parade ended near the site where gays rebelled against authorities and repressive laws outside the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village on June 28, 1969 — an event that gave rise to the gay rights movement.

“If New York can do it, it’s all right for everyone else in the country to do it,” Cuomo said before the parade.










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