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‘Yo ... I’m a climate scientist’ preaches Aussie rap
「喂…我是氣候科學家」饒舌歌 傳播氣候福音

Screenshots taken from YouTube show the video clip titled “I’m A Climate Scientist (HUNGRY BEAST)” on May 22.

Photo: Lin Ya-ti, Taipei Times

Australian climate scientists have made an irreverent, expletive-laden rap defending their work against those who deny climate change is real and poking fun at politicians and sceptics.

Wearing white lab coats and sunglasses, scientists from universities and research units shelved their painstaking environmental work to make the video, hitting back at climate change deniers without a background in science.

“Yo! We’re climate scientists. And there’s no denying this: climate change is REEEEALL,” raps Dr. Jason Evans from the Climate Change Research Centre at Sydney’s University of New South Wales.

The two-minute video, shown on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s edgy current affairs program Hungry Beast, has attracted more than 141,000 hits on YouTube since it was broadcast on May 11.

The song contains lines such as: “climate change is caused by people, Earth unlike Alien has no sequel” and “I said Burn! it’s hot in here, 32 percent more carbon in the atmosphere.”

It uses obscene language to describe global climate change talks in Copenhagen and warns sceptics to “deny this in your dreams, coz climate change means greater extremes.”

Evans, whose work centers on looking at the global climate projections and working out what this will mean for particular locations, said he made the video after being approached by Hungry Beast.

“I’m a closet rap fan from way back,” the 38-year-old told AFP, adding that he agreed that there was more media attention on climate change deniers than previously.

“I’m not entirely sure that there’s mounting scepticism about it [climate change], but there’s definitely a lot more media given to the sceptics,” he said.














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