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Trump gives up Indy pace-car duty
川普捨棄定速車 角逐美共和黨總統?

Real estate mogul Donald Trump speaks at a news conference at the Aberdeen Airport in Scotland in May last year.

Photo: Reuters

Real estate mogul Donald Trump has opted out as the pace car driver for the Indianapolis 500, lest the famed race be overshadowed by his own possible presidential bid.

A spokesman for the fabled Indianapolis Motor Speedway said on May 5 that Trump had given up the gig at the May 29 race, deciding it would be “inappropriate” given Trump’s increasing political involvement.

In a statement released by the speedway, Trump also said his schedule made it impossible for him to work in the required practice sessions.

“We had conversations with him that started yesterday, and he was talking about his concern that he may make an announcement for president ahead of the race and that it may be inappropriate to drive the pace car,” Indianapolis Motor Speedway spokesman Doug Boles said.

“So we discussed the political ramifications for everyone, we spoke with him again this morning and he decided to pull aside.”

Boles stressed that he had no indication that Trump has definitely decided to seek the Republican nomination.

Boles said four-time Indianapolis 500 winner AJ Foyt could be called in as a replacement for Trump, whose role had stirred some controversy.

Trump, 64, has emerged in polls as a prospect from among a weak Republican field of potential presidential contenders, despite the fact that the political establishment and pundits generally do not take him seriously.

He has said he will decide by June 1 whether to seek the GOP nomination to oppose Democrat Barack Obama, and critics argued that he was too divisive a figure to have the pace car honor.

State lawmaker Jeb Bardon, a Democrat who represents the area around the historic 2.5-mile oval circuit, launched the “Dump Trump” movement weeks ago with a speech in the state legislature.


1. opt out v. phr.

退出 (tui4 chu1)

例: He didn’t want to appear on the same show as his worst enemy, so he opted out when they asked him.


2. give up a gig v. phr.

放棄(活動) (fang4 qi4 (huo2 dong4))

例: He has thrown a Christmas party every year for the past 10 years, but he gave up the gig this year because he said it was getting boring.


3. ramification n.

衍生的後果 (yan3 sheng1 de5 hou4 guo3)

例: I don’t know what the ramifications of that decision will be, but hopefully it will help us make some more money.


“My voice was just reflective of what I was hearing from my constituents,” Bardon said.














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