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Brazilian trafficker fingered thanks to birth defect
巴西毒販 被天生十二手指缺陷出賣

The hands of a drug-trafficker recently identified are shown in this photograph released by the Civil Police of Santa Catarina, Brazil on May 4.

Photo: AFP

You could say his fingerprints — all 12 of them — were all over the crime.

An accused drug-trafficker was nabbed by police in Brazil’s southern state of Santa Catarina after they confirmed his identity through the betrayal of a rare birth defect: six fingers on each hand.

“We had indications that it was him, but because he presented his brother’s papers as identification we had no proof,” police commissioner Enio de Oliveira Matos told Globo’s news website G1.

“Given this peculiarity, we requested information from the Institute of Identification in the state of Parana, where he was born, and with this feature, it was possible to confirm his identity.”

G1 published photographs of the hands of the detained man, who had been wanted for drug trafficking in the state of Mato Grosso.









1. nab v.

當場逮捕 (dang1 chang3 dai4 bu3)

例: The cops nabbed the suspect just as he was about to climb over the fence.


2. feature n.

特徵 (te4 zheng1)

例: At first glance, her most notable feature was her extremely long and pointed nose.


3. trafficking adj.

非法交易 (fei1 fa3 jiao1 yi4)

例: Drug trafficking and human trafficking are both globally prominent forms of illegal trade.


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