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Police catch snoring suspect in flower garden
嫌犯躲到睡著 鼾聲太大被逮

Policemen, left and right, walk through a door in a Hsinchu police station with the suspect named Wu, center, in this photo taken April 26.

Photo: Wang Chin-yi, Liberty Times

While snoring could be a warning that one’s health has certain deficiencies, it could also aid the police in catching you!

When the police in Hsinchu were on a raid to detain suspects last Tuesday, a suspect surnamed Wu took advantage of a sudden opportunity to escape. In the middle of all the confusion, Wu managed to sneak into the garden of a nearby community complex, pull up grass and sweet potato leaves from the ground to cover himself and hide from the police. Although a large part of the local police force was used to closely follow the suspect’s whereabouts, they still could not find him after more than five hours of searching. Wu, exhausted, eventually fell asleep and began snoring. His snore made the leaves around him move, exposing part of his hair, which finally allowed the police to discover and detain him.

A borough chief who took part in this manhunt said he was notified by the police that day at 2am, saying that a suspect might have intruded the community, and that borough chiefs who were familiar with local geography could help in the search of each building. The group’s search remained unfruitful until 8am, when the police had started gathering at the community garden to finally end their search.

Around this time a squad leader was talking on the phone standing next to a flowerbed where the suspect was hiding. When he started complaining that the suspect might have actually escaped, he suddenly hears Wu’s snores. He looked in the flowerbed and noticed that the grass was moving with what seemed like black hair underneath it. The squad leader then realized that the suspect had been lying there the entire time, and had pulled up all the grass from the garden to cover himself while hiding from them. Wu had been hiding in such a way for more than five hours. When the suspect got up, he had mud all over his body and looked quite embarrassed.


1. detain v.

扣押 (kou4 ya1)

例: The police finally detained the man suspected of bank robbery today.


2. borough n.

里 (li3)

例: Our borough’s council elections on Wednesday will coincide with the election for mayor.


3. unfruitful adj.

無效益的 (wu2 xiao4 yi4 de5)

例: The budget is under scrutiny again since the project team’s research has been entirely unfruitful.


The police investigation discovered that the suspect was involved in several cases of violence and debt collection, in which he had been abusing his victims. Wu even went as far as imitating movie scenarios, hurting his victims with pliers and metallic wires to collect debts. Investigations have led to him being charged with extortion, offenses against personal freedom and organized crime.








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