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New ethics code to groom Russian lawmakers: report
俄新倫理規範 嚴整議員風紀

Russian State Duma lawmakers Svetlana Khorkina, left, and Alina Kabayeva, right, who are both gymnastics champions, are shown at the first parliamentary session in Moscow, Russia on Dec. 24, 2007.

Photo: AFP

Russian lawmakers and their aides will soon have to follow a new ethics code forbidding miniskirts and indiscreet behavior that may tarnish the image of parliament, a report said on March 25.

The Code of Ethics impacts everyone working in the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, including deputies and their staff members, the Moskovsky Komsomolets daily said.

The code recommends a “business style marked by formality, restraint, tradition, and neatness”, which might spell the end of miniskirts and low-cut blouses for many parliamentary assistants, the paper quipped.

Duma workers will also have to minimize contact with journalists, directing all work-related questions to the press service, though in a “polite” manner, the paper said.

And when speaking to each other, they will have to refrain from all “rudeness” and “arrogance,” the guidelines prepared on the orders of the President’s anti-corruption committee said.

The Russian Duma was infamous for loud arguments and even fistfights during its raucous sessions in the 1990s, although the chamber has now lost much of its spark, with many deputies failing to show up for regular sessions.










1. code n.

規範 (gui1 fan4)

例: Many discotheques have a dress code that forbids jeans and trainers.


2. tarnish v.

損壞 (sun3 huai4)

例: Eggs, salt and vinegar will tarnish or corrode silverware, so it’s better to eat these foods with stainless steel cutlery.


3. infamous adj.

聲名狼藉的 (sheng1 ming2 lang2 ji2 de5)

例: This district used to be infamous for crime and sleaze, but is now a thriving center for culture and the arts.


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