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Liuhe Night Market top spot for Chinese tourists
中國客遊高雄 最愛六合夜市

This picture taken March 15 last year, features the lights of Liuhe Night Market in the evening.

Photo: Chang Chung-i, Liberty Times


A Shih Chien University survey of the satisfaction among Chinese tourists visiting Greater Kaohsiung commissioned by the city government shows that Liuhe Night Market is their favorite tourist site, and that they spend little money in the city, mostly less than NT$5,000.

Chinese tourists have become one of the main factors behind Kao-hsiung’s tourism development. According to the survey, made by Shih Chien University’s Department of Tourism Management, most Chinese visitors to Kaohsiung — 94 percent — go there mainly for tourism and recreation. Most of them get there with a tour group.

Over 90 percent of their activities in Kaohsiung are focused in four activities — visiting night markets, sightseeing, eating local specialties, and shopping.

Among all the tourist sites in Kao-hsiung, the most popular among Chinese visitors is the Liuhe Night Market. The former British Consulate at Dagou ranks second, followed by Love, or Ai, River. Fourth is the Teresa Teng Memorial Museum.

More than 60 percent of the Chinese tourists spend less than NT$5,000 in Kaohsiung, and about 10 percent even spend less than NT$500. It is obvious that Kaohsiung isn’t interesting when it comes to shopping.

More than half of all Chinese visitors said they felt “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with Kaohsiung, a harbor city, while as many as 60 percent would recommend that friends and family members visit. However, only 44 percent said they would be willing to come back.

The report said Chinese tourist spending in Kaohsiung is on the low side, which may be connected to the relatively short stay. It is suggested that their stay in future should be extended by a few days and that tourism marketing be strengthened to create a stronger economic impact.



1. survey n.

調查 (diao4 cha2)

例: We need to do a survey to find out what people think about the food.


2. focus v.

集中 (ji2 zhong1)

例: We have to focus our attention on the task at hand and stop running around like headless chickens.


3. on the low side

prep. phr.

偏低的 (pian1 di1 de5)

例: Only 52 right answers to 100 questions is a bit on the low side, you should aim for at least 75.










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