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Business English

A : Strange. I called the customer three times, but she said she was busy and couldn’t talk.

B : What did you tell her?

A : I told her that the bill for January has yet to be paid, and that she should remit the money as soon as possible.

B : No wonder she didn’t want to take your call. Maybe you should do some chit-chat before coming to the point. That makes it easier.

A : 好奇怪,我打了三次電話給客戶,她都說正在忙,不方便接聽我的電話。

B : 你是如何開口的?

A : 直接跟她說,1月份的帳款未入帳,請她盡速匯款啊!

B : 難怪她不想接你電話,你應該先問候寒喧幾句,再切入主題,比較容易成功!

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