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Smile: Churchill’s dentures sell for 16,000 pounds
邱吉爾假牙 一萬六千英鎊成交

British wartime leader Winston Churchill is shown in this undated photo.

Photo: US Library of Congress

A set of solid gold false teeth used by British wartime leader Winston Churchill during some of his most famous speeches sold for 16,000 pounds (NT$746,000) at auction on Jan. 19.

Churchill had problems with his teeth and speech from an early age and the dentures were designed to compensate for the then-prime minister’s distinctive lisp when speaking in public, London auctioneers Bonham’s said.

The premier’s most famous speeches “could have been made over the top of these teeth. I think that’s a rather spooky feeling,” Bonham’s specialist Lionel Willis told AFP.

“These particular dentures were designed especially by his dentist to be a loose fix because Churchill had had trouble with his teeth ever since he was a child,” he said.

“He always had a sort of speech impediment, which gave him a slight lisp when he was speaking in public, and these dentures were designed to compensate.”

Another set of Churchill’s false teeth fetched 18,000 pounds (NT$840,000) when they went under the hammer in July last year.

Churchill was said to have also used his false teeth to vent his frustration when the 1939-45 conflict was not going well, by dramatically flicking them out of his mouth.











1. lisp n.

口齒不清 (kou2 chi3 bu4 qing1)

例: Bob has a lisp, but he’s kind of huge, so no one laughs about it to his face.


2. spooky adj.

怪異的 (guai4 yi4 de5)

例: My wife is always talking in her sleep. I find it kind of spooky.


3. vent one’s frustration v. phr.

發洩不滿 (fa1 xie4 bu4 man3)

例: I know you’re angry, but I’d prefer it if you didn’t vent your frustration on me.


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