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Senator hits ‘made in China’ US presidents
美總統雕像中國製 參議員痛斥

US Senators Thomas Harkin, center, and Bernard Sanders, left, and Sanders’ wife hold cacao beans as they visit a cacao plantation near Abidjan, Ivory Coast in November 2008.

PHOTO: AFP 照片:法新社

During Chinese President Hu Jintao’s recent state visit to Washington, a US senator expressed disbelief on Jan. 19 that a major museum in the US capital sells only “crafted in China” busts of US presidents.

“That is pretty pathetic! I was not aware that the collapse of our manufacturing base had gone that far,” Independent Senator Bernie Sanders said in a letter to the director of the National Museum of American History.

Sanders’s office released photographs of bronze-colored busts of the first US president, George Washington, as well as his current successor, Barack Obama, labeled “crafted in China.”

The lawmaker urged the museum to stock its shelves with US-made goods, while noting that the museum’s purchase of Chinese goods “will not have a profound impact upon our massive trade deficit -- currently at US$457 billion (NT$13.71 trillion)…But the symbolism is extraordinary.”

“It appears that a museum owned by the people of the United States, celebrating the history of the United States, cannot find companies in this country employing American workers that are able to manufacture statues of our founding fathers, or our current president,” he said.



無黨籍參議員伯納‧桑德斯在一封寫給「國立美國歷史博物館」(National Museum of American History)館長的信說,「這是很悲哀的!我不知道我們製造業已衰落到這般地步。」






1. disbelief n.

難以置信 (nan2 yi3 zhi4 xin4)

例: Grant’s parents were astonished when they saw how messy the house was. You could see the disbelief written all over their faces.


2. profound adj.

深遠的;深刻的 (shen1 yuan3 de5; shen1 ke4 de5)

例: I like this song. The words aren’t very profound, but the tune is very catchy.


3. extraordinary adj.

非同小可的;卓越的 (fei1 tong2 xiao2 ke3 de5; zhuo2 yue4 de5)

例: He would make a great lawyer: he has extraordinary powers of reasoning.


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