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NY subway riders shed trousers, skirts, and modesty
紐約地鐵族大解放 脫下裙子與長褲

People take part in the 10th Annual No Pants Subway Ride in New York City on Jan. 9.

Photo: Reuters

Hundreds of New York subway riders, unencumbered by skirts, trousers or modesty, took part Sunday in a spontaneous showing of leg, despite sub-freezing temperatures.

The 10th annual “No Pants Subway Ride” saw hundreds of New York strap-hangers shed outer garments from the waist down, even as they wore seasonally-appropriate jackets, scarves, earmuffs and other winter garb on their upper halves.

At 3pm sharp, subway riders at six separate meeting points across the city boarded predetermined subway cars, engaging in typically unassuming behavior like reading a magazine or staring off into space.

But as soon as the doors shut at the stop before they were due to get off, participants were instructed to stand up and shed their skirts and pants, which were to be secreted into backpacks and briefcases.

“If anyone asks you why you’ve removed your pants, tell them that they were getting uncomfortable,” instructions e-mailed to participants said.

Once they exited the train, the commuters stood for a while on the subway platform pantless, providing maximum shock effect for their stunned fellow riders.

Many participants donned their festive skivvies for the occasion, from polka dot bloomers to basic striped boxers, adding another measure of frivolity to the unusual yearly event, which is also staged in some 50 other cities in two dozen countries around the world.









1. spontaneous adj.

心血來潮的 (xin1 xie3 lai2 chao2 de5)

例: We didn’t plan the party, it was completely spontaneous.


2. don v.

穿上 (chuan1 shang4)

例: People often don protective face masks if they have a cold.


3. staring off into space v. phr.

發呆 (fa1 dai1)

例: My colleague can’t concentrate today, he keeps staring off into space.




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