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Motorist nabbed by same cop at opposite ends of the world
在世界的另一端 超速駕駛遭同警官開單

A motorist caught speeding in London two years ago moved to New Zealand only to be booked by the same police officer for again exceeding the limit, reports said last week.

Former London police officer Andy Flitton ticketed the man in Britain two years ago, shortly before emigrating to New Zealand — then nabbed him again in September on a highway in the South Island, the New Zealand Herald reported.

Flitton, who now works for the New Zealand traffic police, said he had forgotten about the original booking until the man approached him while he was writing out the ticket.

“He asked if I had worked in London, I said ‘yes’. He asked if I used to operate the laser gun on the A5 in North London, I said ‘yes’,” Flitton told the newspaper.

“And he said ‘I thought it was you, you gave me my last speeding ticket there two years ago.’”

Flitton said the man told him he had moved to New Zealand two weeks before his latest booking, unaware his nemesis was also in the same country.

“We must have some sort of connection,” he said. “He only ever broke the law twice and both times I was the one to give him a ticket ... it just shows what a small world it really is.”











1. book v.

登記 (deng1 ji4)

例: The suspect was booked at a downtown jail earlier today.


2. emigrate v.

移民 (yi2 min2)

例: Her family emigrated to Canada when she was a child.


3. nab v.

逮捕 (dai4 bu3)

例: Police nabbed eight men in a dawn raid.


4. nemesis n.

天敵 (tien1 di2)

例: It was great to finally beat our long-term nemesis.


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