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Despite girls’ blushes, Renault wins right to call car Zoe

French automaker Renault fended off a lawsuit from families of the same name who complained it would bring ridicule on their relatives called Zoe by giving that forename to its new electric car.

Renault’s ZOE, which the firm registered as a trade mark when spelled in capital without the accent on the final “e” found in the French name, is a small zero-emissions car due to be released in 2012.

A lawyer for two Renault families, David Koubbi, argued in court that calling a car the Renault ZOE was a breach of the privacy and human dignity of people called Zoe Renault.

Judge Magali Bouvier decided however that the plaintiffs had no grounds to claim the car name caused them “direct and personal harm” and ruled that the carmaker could go ahead with the name.

Koubbi said the Renaults would appeal the decision, adding that the ruling “heralded the start of a battle.”

The company responded that it was “confident in the judicial procedures.”

“We don’t want to hear ‘It’s time for your oil change’ or ‘show us your airbags,’” Koubbi told the court last month, accusing the car firm of “stealing a child’s name to compensate for an under-performing car.”

“Industrialists, in order to humanize and market products, are turning names into brands,” Koubbi said. “So, if you’re lucky, you could end up as a pretty pot of flowers. If you’re not, you could end up as a whip, a vibrating dildo or a toilet brush.”

He said one family had changed the name of their three-year-old child to Margot after Renault brought out a car bearing the same name as the little girl — Clio.(afp)











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