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A : I’ve just received a call from a customer. The caller spent the entire call complaining and didn’t explain what his problem was.

B : When customers get angry, they often become unreasonable.

A : That’s right. Even I lost my patience.

B : You know what they say, “Customers who complain are customers who buy.” First of all, you should calm the customer down, then prompt him to give his opinion.

A : 剛接到一通客訴電話,對方從頭到尾都沒有說清楚問題,只是一直抱怨!

B : 客戶在氣頭上,往往容易失去理智。

A : 對啊,連我都失去耐心了。

B : 俗話說:「嫌貨的才是買貨人」,你應該先安撫客戶情緒,再引導他說出意見。

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